No excuses, you are a big dog now!

Each birthday I hope for the best. This year Nala is three. Maybe this will be my lucky year. The year of calm walks, calm greetings, no jumping, no jumping on people, no stealing food off the counter, no stealing food from the baby and an overall improvement of the comprehension of the word NO!

Is it to much to ask? Is she still to young? At the age of three, she is consider to be a young adult. Are her behaviors appropriate for a young adult…. Hmmm, if she were drunk all the time!


Nala received her first of three gifts this morning. It WAS a cute little alligator. It lasted 15 joyful minutes. We pace out the gifts. Her next one will be given this afternoon.


Happy Birthday to my furry four legged child!



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2 responses to “No excuses, you are a big dog now!

  1. I think she’s a hopeless cause…’re screwed.

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