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He has my back and his thumb!

After a car trip and lunch with Hubby, Mr.D picked up a new accessory. Now I have a superhero in training…who sucks his thumb.


Mr.D never had a pacifier as a baby. He actually was tongue tied and had difficulty sucking. At three months he had his tongue clipped (not a fun experience for the both of us) and only then did he start sucking his thumb. I never thought much if it. He was able to sooth himself and I was blessed with never needing to franticly search in the middle of the night for a clean pacifier.

However, he is a very big six year old and this habit needs to change. It really hit me when I saw him climbing into the school bus, getting to his seat, waving me goodbye, and then putting his thumb in his mouth. Oh no…this is now a problem!

I was a thumb sucker and my parents tried everything to break this habit. I recall a “special nail polish” applied to my nails to deter me due to the foul taste. Yeah, that didn’t phase me. I am not sure what finally worked, but I was over this addiction by the time I attend school.

Now that it is on my radar, I see that he does it often. Anytime he is watching television, sleeping, waiting for something, in the car, or feeling sad about something.

I have verbally promoted him to take his thumb out of his mouth. I have asked him to sit on his hands. I started him on a reward chart. I have even….bribed him…yes, a bribe of a reptile. Nothing seems to work and I am known as the queen of behavior modifications. When you ask him, he says he will stop when he is seven. I am not so sure about that.

I am stumped and I am in need of some brilliant idea……



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As the days fly by….

It has been quite an interesting few weeks. With hopes of things getting into a manageable routine, it has been just the opposite.

Ms.A is now seeing the middle school workload, competition dance team is three nights a week and every weekend, and religious classes have started on Monday evening making it a very long day.

Mr.D started his intro into outdoor soccer on Monday nights. His TKD classes are twice a week, religious class on Sunday, and Kindergarten is three days a week.

Now, let us not forget Dragon. Every Wednesday we head off to….gymnastics class. Yes, even the littlest one gets to have a schedule. She still does therapy (OT, PT, and speech) and library time. We did have a private evaluation done on speech with the same results (that she is on target). I am still stumped by this, but I saw the expectations of an 18 month old and she was doing all that was required.


So…..with the middle school bus on its way to school, I have a few minutes of quiet to post some pictures.



We headed to Hershey Park for an annual adoption reunion. This was not our actually group we traveled with (ours has two families out of Virginia), but some friends who opened their arms and included us. We had so much fun and just loved seeing these girls so happy. This group has been home for three years. They included one 14 year old and the rest of the girls are age 4. The one issue we had with the entire trip…Mr.D was the only boy. He did complain to us about all these girls…however I think in a few years his opinion will change.



Halloween is just around the corner and fall weather has final arrived. The pool was sadly closed down and the yard is getting winterized. Halloween costumes are attempting to be created. Ms.A wants to be a minion, Mr.D will be the pirate Jack Sparrow, and Dragon will be a butterfly.


We spent some time with our cousins on a very fun zoo trip. I can’t believe how fast these kids are growing up.




Life is just flying by. It seemed like we did so many years of waiting and not being able to really live in the moment. Now I just want to hold on tight because these moments are just speeding by!

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