He has my back and his thumb!

After a car trip and lunch with Hubby, Mr.D picked up a new accessory. Now I have a superhero in training…who sucks his thumb.


Mr.D never had a pacifier as a baby. He actually was tongue tied and had difficulty sucking. At three months he had his tongue clipped (not a fun experience for the both of us) and only then did he start sucking his thumb. I never thought much if it. He was able to sooth himself and I was blessed with never needing to franticly search in the middle of the night for a clean pacifier.

However, he is a very big six year old and this habit needs to change. It really hit me when I saw him climbing into the school bus, getting to his seat, waving me goodbye, and then putting his thumb in his mouth. Oh no…this is now a problem!

I was a thumb sucker and my parents tried everything to break this habit. I recall a “special nail polish” applied to my nails to deter me due to the foul taste. Yeah, that didn’t phase me. I am not sure what finally worked, but I was over this addiction by the time I attend school.

Now that it is on my radar, I see that he does it often. Anytime he is watching television, sleeping, waiting for something, in the car, or feeling sad about something.

I have verbally promoted him to take his thumb out of his mouth. I have asked him to sit on his hands. I started him on a reward chart. I have even….bribed him…yes, a bribe of a reptile. Nothing seems to work and I am known as the queen of behavior modifications. When you ask him, he says he will stop when he is seven. I am not so sure about that.

I am stumped and I am in need of some brilliant idea……



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2 responses to “He has my back and his thumb!

  1. Ugh. I got nothing, sorry. Sydney never did it. It would have gotten in the way with her talking nonstop.

  2. I remember that polish stuff. You get used to the taste when the thumb-sucking habit is strong.
    I wish I had words of wisdom, but I can’t remember what finally broke me.

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