A very late update…

It has been called to my attention that I have been neglecting my blog. At one point I was posting every few days and was fearful that I might be overdoing it. Now, I have seem to gone in the opposite direction. The best way to rectify the lapse is to review what’s on the phone and get everyone up to speed.

Fall has finally arrived and we are enjoying the cooler weather and beautiful foliage. I even was able to get all three kids in a photo shoot outside with a professional photographer. This was the first time for Dragon and overall she managed. I won’t see the results for a few weeks, so cross my fingers that there is one shot among the hundreds taken that is Christmas card worthy.


We had a great Halloween. Dragon got right into the spirit of things and loved being in the middle of the chaos of trick or treating. Hubby borrowed the neighbors tractor and wagon and all the kids loaded up and went door to door. I did manage to get half of the candy collected out of the house by the next day. The kids thoughtful sorted out what their favorite sweets were and donated the rest!





Dragon has been going full force in her therapy sessions. The OT is working on her swallowing and chewing. Trying new foods with textures and working on drinking better from a sippy cup.


Her gymnastic class is always something to look forward to and she is now following the routine of the class with little prompting.


20131106-203536.jpg<br /

Lastly, we had the opportunity to watch our local university football team as guest in a suite. I am not a great fan of football. Much less, sitting in the cold with small children. However, you can put me in a suite any day! Buffet and a fridge full of drinks. Beautiful heated indoor seating behind a glass window. A clean bathroom located just across the hall and a lounge area for the kids to run around in.




With some luck, I will get back to some thoughtfully written post that occur on a more timely schedule.



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2 responses to “A very late update…

  1. Mr. B

    Thank you for the update. The kids are so grown up. Mr.B

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