Almost a year of our Dragon!

It’s been almost a year since Dragon has joined our family. I can’t believe how the time has been flying by. December 26th of last year, we were on a plane to China and just a few days after that she was in our arms. We waited seven years for that moment and for that little baby and I still can’t believe some days that she is here.

Now, Hubby and I have come to the realization that she will be the last baby of the family. A very difficult decision that would have been different if the wait had not been so long. As “older” parents, we are soaking up every precious baby moment with her. Just this past week she moved out of her crib into a “big girl” bed. I was so excited for this big moment. So proud of her milestone, yet only when I was breaking apart the crib did it really hit me. With a heavy heart I realized this was the last time for this crib. There are no more to follow. It was a door closing on the baby stage in our lives as parents. Although I want my children to grow up, to accomplish new things, to reach milestones in their lives…. I want to just pause this one for a bit….I want to see her toddle around the house talking gibberish…

Instead, she is now jumping, climbing, and running through the house. She is standing in front of the fridge demanding a drink. She is inserting her opinion…she is growing up. Our little Dragon is no longer a baby. We have a little person with a Dragon Spirit growing up right before our eyes!

Dragon getting ready to celebrate her first Christmas with us!


The first photo taken of Dragon on our Gotcha Day.


What a difference a year makes. Sending our Holiday Wishes to you and a Happy New Year!


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