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Adjusting my focus!

As I sit under a blanket, in front of a fire, on this very cold below zero day in Januaray, I look back on what has happened with my family this past year. These quiet moments are so rare and I do need to take this time to reflect on all the things that I should be so very thankful for. Honestly, an activity that I don’t do enough of. Being positive and joyful on a day to day basis can be somewhat of a challenge for me. Is it how I grew up, how I am made…who knows? My sour attitude needs readjustment every once in a while. I definitely need a kick in the butt to be reminded to open my eyes and see the big picture. What is happening in the world around me and the people who touch my life. Not only do I need to open my eyes, I need to adjust my focus.

So here it goes….

First off, everyone in the family has been in good health, suffering nothing worse than a sniffle here and there. Dragon is up to par on all her vaccinations, no longer needs physical therapy, and is working hard in speech. Hubby has had another good solid work year. Being able to provide us with everything we need and more. Being the always stable rock, the oh so fun Daddy, and calming influence over us all. Our beloved Opa, has not thrown up his hands in defeat while trying to help out with our insane after school schedules and the sometimes not so successful family meals. His help and stable presence in our house make things go so much smoother.

Ms. A is just a shinning star in her first venture in middle school. She surprised us by earning a spot on the school announcement team and then trying out for the school musical and being selected. She is pulling off rock star grades and managing her super busy schedule. Dance season is just around the corner and she is just living it up.

Mr.D is holding his own. Currently he is a brown belt in TKD and really trying his very best. In a few weeks he will be testing for his red belt holding his spot as one of the youngest in the class. Kindergarten may not be educational, but he is having fun. We are so happy that he is having such a great experience. He just learned to tie his shoes, can almost ski down the beginner hill independently, and his reading skills are growing before our very eyes.

Dragon has been here with us for a year. Yes, it’s has been a year! The fastest year that I have ever experienced. I look at her and I still can’t believe this little person is my daughter. She is a different child from the one that we brought home from China. She loves her big brother and sister. She cuddles and wants to be held. Although her words are not here yet, she manages to let her wants be known. She is a little champ at her gymnastic class and will be starting a preschool mommy and me class next week. Dragon is sporting bangs and a set of earrings and is the cutest thing around. She moved out of the crib to a big bed. (I cringe when I hear any bumps at night and cross my fingers that I will still find her in bed.). She insists on using a fork to eat, which does pose some problems and finally has decided to drink from a sippy cup.

I am trying to stay calm with the children. I am trying to balance an insane after school schedule. I am trying to maintain the house at an exceptable level, letting things slide and not getting OCD about it. I am trying to get out and interact with people. I am trying to workout at least 30 minutes each day. I am trying….

I am trying to be a good mom. A good wife. A good daughter. A good friend.

Sometime I succeed and sometimes not so much. I just need to make a point of sitting back and letting it all in. I need to live in the moment and not look for the next….OK…I have adjusted my focus, stated all my thanks, and am ready to start this day in the positive.

Enjoy the pictures…they are growing up so fast.








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