The big kids are in school, Dragon is in her room napping, and Nala is doing the same. What do I chose to do with this precious quiet time. I am attempting to catch up on a paper project that has been in the works for months. Printing out my blog and putting it in paper format to have for Dragon. My own version of her baby book.

I started writing the blog for different reasons, but then ended up with focusing on our family and the adoption process. It became a documentation of our wait and journey to China. However, once we were home and settling in, the craziness of life overwhelmed me and writing was pushed back behind everything else that needed to get done.

I only realize this now, as I work out the challenges of printing my posts, how therapeutic the act of writing is.  Sharing the ups and downs and getting feedback, helped me through some very difficult day, but also some joyous ones.  As I wait for the printer to respond to commands,  I sit and reread certain ones and remember…

So here it goes… I need to get back. If not for therapeutic reasons, just for the fact that I can go back and remember.





Dragon is now two and half.  Newly purchased ballet shoes are for her first dance class that starts this week.  Not sure if I am ready for two dancers in the house, but both girls are excited.  Ms.A is twelve and in seventh grade.  Enjoying life to the fullest.  Throwing herself into a very busy dance class schedule and competition.  Mr.D is seven and in first grade.  Loving the everyday school schedule, so much different than kindergarten.  He is approaching black belt in TKD, scary thought, and trying out fall soccer.

Time…. It really does fly by!



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2 responses to “Time….

  1. Aunt Lori

    Yay!!! A new blog post! I am so proud of you!

  2. christine

    loved your posts- keep’em coming!

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