Show me a smile!

School picture day is just around the corner. In our house, we practice our smiles. Trying to avoid those forced grins.


Dragon has this routine down pat. No camera shyness for this little one.


I am a huge proponent in documenting their growth and development through photos. I would drag my infant and toddler on a monthly basis to our local photo place with my coupon. You know, the one that includes a free sitting and a thousand photos for $4.99. It was a bit extreme and a huge commitment, but it was so worth it.

When they hit school age, we switched to a yearly birthday photo in the spring and the required school photo in the fall. Gone were the days of $4.99 photos. I was floored with the expense of the school portraits. Packages that can cost up to fifty dollars and I don’t even get to choose the smile.

In order to not blow the budget, I made a deal with hubby to pick the economy packages that offered the class photo, but I was still shelling out more than I wanted to.

Now Dragon came to us at ten months, with only two existing photos. She was already behind by ten photo shoots. It was my first quandary as an adoptive mom. I wanted to be equal with all my kids, but this was something I couldn’t change.

Something so small, a picture frame showing the first twelve months, is missing. This fact is so bothersome to me. I am overwhelmed with sadness that I can’t even do this simple thing for her. My goal of treating all three the same in everything we do….already out the window.



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3 responses to “Show me a smile!

  1. You didn’t treat her differently. As soon as she came into your life, you started taking photos. You can’t beat yourself up for something out of your control.
    I remember reading all of the posts before you adopted Dragon. Those stories of the effort that you put in to bring her into your family are the missing snapshots. Those show how much you loved her before you even met her.

  2. Wow she’s grown so much since I last visited your blog! I know it’s sad not to have that first year but as soon as she joined your family she adopted your traditions. That’s the starting point and you’ve given her that equality since she’s been with you! She looks so happy, you’re clearly doing a wonderful job x.

  3. I think of your family often. I don’t blog very much either, but I did love how close in age our two little girls were. I hope you are enjoying the 3-nearly-13 stage!

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