Dragon is growing up right before my eyes!

“I can do it myself!”  This is the current favorite phrase of my little Dragon.  She is now four and will be started preschool on Monday and if it had been her choice, she would be going to Kindergarten.  

We finally got her fitted with some much needed glasses after a complete failure at the school vision screening.  We had known since bringing her home that her vision had issues and was seeing a specialist every six months with hopes of her growing out of some of them.  No such luck.  Bright pink princess glasses were calling her name.  The next little issue to overcome, is a slight hearing impairment.  Her ears become compacted quickly, leaving her with very muffled hearing.  This time were are trying new drops to see if that might clear things up.

Overall, she is growing into a very bright, stubborn, inquisitive, little girl.  Eating well.  Sleeping so much better.  Unbelievably athletic in everything she tries…and growing up much to fast for this mamma!

Everyday when I see this smiling or not so smiling  face, I am so grateful that I stayed true to the course and never gave up on our unbelievable long adoption process.  When I share our story with others, they can’t believe what it all involved.  Yet, I know that there are many other families out there right now dealing with the same things.  They are still struggling with paperwork, wait time, and finding funds in order to complete their own dream.  I wish I could find them and tell them…Hang on!  You are almost there!  It will be worth everything you are sacrificing! 

So, I keep sharing, explaining, educating every chance I get.  



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