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Rainy Day with books

It’s a rainy day today. Kind of cold and damp. A day that I don’t feel like doing anything but curling up with a blanket and a book. I love reading. I could spend hours just sitting and reading, neglecting all the things that need to get done. I’ll read anything and everything presented to me. I will even suffer through a bad book, hoping for it to get better. I can’t get myself to give up and not complete a book that I started. If an author spent all that time to write their book and work to get it published, I feel I should give it a complete chance. There have been many occasions that my theory was proved wrong, but others have surprised me. Such as……


This series was a difficult read. It took forever to get involved with the characters and plot. The topic was quite intense and not my normal choice, but overall an interesting read after suffering though the first several hundred pages.


After seeing the musical Wicked, I was introduced to this series. A great interpretation of the other side of fairy tales. Very imaginative and creative of the author. I had to read them all once I started the series.


Hubby picked the TWILIGHT series up for me two winters ago when I was feeling under the weather. I was never into vampires and such, but my opinion has changed. It was a fun read with romance and conflict. I was excited about the movies, but was let down. Those movies never seem to capture what the book tells.

Ms. A is a crazy a ferocious reader. She has long passed her grade level and has been reading books from the teen section for several years now. Although I allow her to choose her material, I also read it to make sure we are still in the age appropriate level. She has introduced me to some great series meant for kids, but fun reads for adults. Reading and sharing books with each other has become “our” thing to do together.







I just finished…


Really enjoyed the books. I was able to read them all within a week and couldn’t put them down. I found it way to intense for kids and I even question if teenagers should read this series without a discussion group to follow up with. The movie was very violent. It stayed mostly true to the book, but was missing the whole social commentary that the book focused on.

I currently am reading…


All thanks to my in laws for a birthday gift card to my local book store…THANKS AGAIN! No one in our house will turn down a trip to the bookstore. This is an interesting series involving dragons and magical creatures and the battle between good and evil. So far I have enjoyed this fun read.

As you can see my selections are all over the place. I use to follow Oprah’s book club just because I didn’t know where to start looking when I entered the library. All those choices can be a bit overwhelming. I now usually look at the best seller list or anything that has won an award. Don’t get me wrong, we spend a lot of time in the library, but Ms. A and I do love to buy books to keep at home. I often find her in bed, under the covers with a flashlight and a book, instead of sleeping. I can’t get mad at that. She will have two or three books going at one time. I use to question her about that reading method, but she was able to tell me the story line and details to each one. Go figure.

Mr. D is a whole different story. He is just starting to show some interest in books. He loves to be read to and will sit down with any book containing animals. He now was a firm grasp on all his letters and sounds. I think this will be the summer he figures out that those letters on the page can open some wonderful doors.

I think I better get back to my book!


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