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Let’s add to the chaos!

It seems like when things start to get into a routine. When things start working smoothly. When we are finally finding our pace…we like to mix it back up!

Introducing our newest member of the Green Thumb Clan…Felix.


A little kitten that has been a whole heap of trouble. Mr.D picked him out. A total surprise to the entire family when I said “yes” to the request. Once again, it was my attempt to ward off any reptiles entering our household.

Felix was so small and so lethargic. Rescued, weighing just over one pound, the vet asked if we really wanted to try because it looked so bleak. That was a question that had an easy answer.

So this little bundle was quickly loved on by all the members of the family. After months of medication and tender care, he is doing great. A whole six pounds, he is an eating machine.


We have had some bumps with this new little guy. Especially the huge incident of peeing on my favorite chair and Nala’s bed. Current, he is allowed selective freedom with high levels of supervision…no further incidents have occurred…Knock on wood!

What about Nala you ask?

Umm…. She is big, he is small…much like the rabbits she enjoys catching. Felix, however, doesn’t realize that and attempts to stalk and pounce on her whenever he gets a chance. Like I said….close supervision is currently needed. Nala is not amused!



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No excuses, you are a big dog now!

Each birthday I hope for the best. This year Nala is three. Maybe this will be my lucky year. The year of calm walks, calm greetings, no jumping, no jumping on people, no stealing food off the counter, no stealing food from the baby and an overall improvement of the comprehension of the word NO!

Is it to much to ask? Is she still to young? At the age of three, she is consider to be a young adult. Are her behaviors appropriate for a young adult…. Hmmm, if she were drunk all the time!


Nala received her first of three gifts this morning. It WAS a cute little alligator. It lasted 15 joyful minutes. We pace out the gifts. Her next one will be given this afternoon.


Happy Birthday to my furry four legged child!


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What does Nala do when I go to school?

Good morning. Time to wake up and start my day.

Just supervising to make sure my kids eat all their breakfast. I don’t want any spills.

Off to the bus stop with Ms.A. This early middle school bus is way to early for me.

I think I will sneak in a quick little nap in before Mr.D has to leave.

There goes my boy. I am going to be sooooo bored today!

I refuse to come back in the house. I think I will just sit here in the garage and pout. Oh, I forgot that Dragon still needs to get up. Never mind.


She is all done eating. Let me help you clean up.

Are you going to feed me?

I am waiting!

My life is exhausting. Time for another nap.

Let me out, I see some birds!

No luck. Let me in.


I have no idea what she is up to, but it looks like it might be fun.

Outside waiting and waiting…when will they be back?

Oh boy, the bus !!

They are home now! All that waiting for them just exhausted me. Time for my afternoon siesta!


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Can I keep him?

We went on a family outing to the county fair. A first for our family. Mr.D was in heaven with the barn after barn of beautiful animals (rabbits, poultry, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, and horses). I had the hand sanitizer out after each barn.

Needless to say, he made a few friends that he wanted to bring home.


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Missing Turtle

We have only had these little turtles for one week and I am sad to say…Dolly is missing.


How you ask?

Well, as I examined the scene of the great escape and interviewed the sole witness. That would be Flipper. He is a good boy and stayed in his tank. I came to this conclusion.

Dolly clambered onto her basking rock to check out the view (side note… I just upgraded their tank to a twenty gallon long and did not have a lid that fit properly…oops). She then put her little legs over the lip of the tank. Being so top heavy, she fell out. She landed on the coffee table and scrambled to the edge to see what was there. Once again she fell and now landed on the deck. (side note… The tank is located on our cover porch for the summer.) She then scurried across the deck and took a minimum of four feet dive into my flower beds.

The trail ends here. The witness is no longer talking. ( side note… The mower came to cut the lawn.)

The children were quick to put the blame on…

Nala denies everything. She reminded us that it was a scorcher and it was to hot to get into mischief. She was a lazy dog and stayed were there was air conditioning. She then reminded them of the wrongful accusation of eating the hermit crab. Houdini was found in the kitchen several days after his escape.

So… We have a very small, but crafty, missing turtle. She is about four inches round and has beautiful red striping by her eyes. She does not respond to her name, but loves shrimp.

If found, please return. Mr.D is heartbroken. He has been on two search and rescue missions with Nala and is currently making posters to hang on our mailbox. He also asked me to call our lawn service to see if they saw her. (They got a chuckle out of that call. We have three acres that they mow.)

This is the last photo taken…Dolly is the large one on the right.


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No snakes please!

Mr.D and his passion for creatures of all types is growing and growing. I cringe when Hubby and he go on a “supply run” to the pet store. Waiting and holding my breath, to see what might come home with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that he is so comfortably with animals and insects. I have not had to clean the skimmer box on the pool this entire summer. Thank goodness for me, because there is a surprise almost everyday and he is happy to do the rescue.

However, his request for more advanced reptiles have been coming. I fend them off by telling him that they are full of germs and since he still likes to suck his thumb, that’s a no go! Thankfully for me he can’t give up his thumb habit, but when he does, I am in trouble.

I thought that my stance was strong and solid…But…I had a weak moment.

A dear friend offered her turtles for a trial run. Trial run, I couldn’t refuse. If he does a good job of taking care of Dolly and Flipper, he can keep them. If not, they go back.



All I can say about our new addition…these little guys are kind of cute…and it’s not a snake.


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15 month old Dragon

Oh boy…have things changed with our Dragon. People can’t believe it is the same little girl we brought home just six months ago. Her personality is just bursting through!

She just loves her food and can feed herself finger foods. Her current favorite is Cheerios. We have switched her off of formula and she is drinking whole milk ( organic of course ) with no issues. We still offer her milk in a bottle, but she makes no effort in holding it herself. A little odd, but no big deal for us.

Dragon is a happy crawler and is pulling herself up on the furniture. She just loves to hold your hands and walk around.


Oh, did you notice the hair… I had mentioned to Hubby about some strands hanging in her face. Next thing I know, I am holding her chin and he is enthusiastically trimming away. Thank goodness it will grow back.

Hubby also took Dragon for her first dip in the pool. She is not a fan of the tub, so we wanted to make it a very positive experience. Especially since we live in and by the pool during the warm summer days. She loved sitting with
Hubby and watching the big kids. She even started splashing around a bit.


The last big news… Her first word…


Go figure, the two of them are always together. Nala is a wonderful cleanup crew. I can just imagine what my floors would look like if she was not around. I am just surprised that its not “No Nala.”

She does also say Dada and Mama and Duck. Her doctor gives them out after every visit and we have amassed quite a collection of rubber ducks.

We have been working with signs and Dragon can use sign language for “more” and “all done.” Mr.D also is proud of the fact that he taught her to growl and Ms.A loves to blow strawberries with her.


I just wonder what those two are up to sometimes.

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