Born on September 25th 2010 in New York.

My parents are show dogs, but I am the beloved family pet. I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback with red coloration and a beautiful ridge. I have seen a private trainer and been through several courses, but I am still a tad out of control despite all of that. My Dad says that I am lucky I am so beautiful, because otherwise….

Some of my favorite things to do are run and run some more. At doggie daycare, I am know as the instigator in starting up group chases. Needless to say, I get sent to time out and they note it on my reports that get sent home. Another great talent of mine is jumping. I can really jump high. I like to jump up and down on all four paws. My family has had to install both a fence (one meant for horses) and an invisible fence to keep me contained in the yard. I also just looovvveee food (people and puppy) and can counter surf quite well (because I am such a tall girl). I will eat almost everything and then some more.

The little people in the house just love me. I sometimes knock them over, but they are just so exciting to play with. They have great toys that are fun to chew on and play keep away with. Mom sends me to time out in my crate when I get out of hand.

I miss my family very much when they leave me alone and I get soooo stressed out. I use to have accidents all of the time, even in my crate. My mom does everything to keep me calm and teach me its OK to be home alone. I now have a great routine and listen to some calming music when I am by myself. I get the run of some parts of the house and they trust me enough to not crate me at night anymore. They tell me I am such a big girl and a good girl. I love my family and I know I will grow up to be a great dog!!! I also promise not to take another roast off the table. Really..


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