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Show me a smile!

School picture day is just around the corner. In our house, we practice our smiles. Trying to avoid those forced grins.


Dragon has this routine down pat. No camera shyness for this little one.


I am a huge proponent in documenting their growth and development through photos. I would drag my infant and toddler on a monthly basis to our local photo place with my coupon. You know, the one that includes a free sitting and a thousand photos for $4.99. It was a bit extreme and a huge commitment, but it was so worth it.

When they hit school age, we switched to a yearly birthday photo in the spring and the required school photo in the fall. Gone were the days of $4.99 photos. I was floored with the expense of the school portraits. Packages that can cost up to fifty dollars and I don’t even get to choose the smile.

In order to not blow the budget, I made a deal with hubby to pick the economy packages that offered the class photo, but I was still shelling out more than I wanted to.

Now Dragon came to us at ten months, with only two existing photos. She was already behind by ten photo shoots. It was my first quandary as an adoptive mom. I wanted to be equal with all my kids, but this was something I couldn’t change.

Something so small, a picture frame showing the first twelve months, is missing. This fact is so bothersome to me. I am overwhelmed with sadness that I can’t even do this simple thing for her. My goal of treating all three the same in everything we do….already out the window.



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A year ago today…

A year ago today, we received a long awaited call and email from our adoption agency. I was not expecting the call and it was the best surprise ever!!! The call came during the day with Dragon’s basic information and the email included her photo. I can’t believe that I was able to suppress myself, but somehow I managed to wait for the kids to come home from school and Hubby from work. We all gathered around the computer monitor in the kitchen and open up the attachment…


Our little six month old princess. All bundled up, despite being located in Southern China. 6 1/2 years of waiting and there she was. It was finally real!

Today, Dragon is 18 months (22 pounds and 31 inches) and is the center of our family. The wait, although not pleasant at all, was worth it for her!!!!





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Guess what I can do!





It’s official….
I am creeping and moving…
Oh boy…
Watch out…
Here I come!

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What if….

As I lay my Little Dragon down for a nap, I reflect on what she did just this morning…

Woke up with a smiley face…
Got dressed in a new clean outfit…
Had a yummy breakfast and even tried some of mine…
Walked to the bus stop with her brother and sister…
Went to her weekly physical therapy appointment..
Attended story time at the library…
Then popped over to the grocery store to pick up some supplies…

What an amazing morning for this precious child. My thoughts often travel to the ” what ifs”. What if she was still in China? What would have become of her? What about all the other little girls that were her crib mates? What has become of them? There are still rooms on top of rooms of abandoned children just waiting for families, yet it’s impossible to be matched.

“What if”….

During our seven year of wait something had happen financially or medically to our family. We could have just given up, switched to special needs, or went into a different program.

But these things didn’t happen. The timing was meant to be and I wouldn’t change a thing. Because if something had gone a bit faster or a bit slower, the result would have been so different.


She is truly our daughter. No questions, no doubts, no second guesses, and no regrets!


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Can’t get enough of our Dragon!


What a little blessing…she is the type of baby that would want you to have more. Even Hubby admitted that! Hmm, interesting thought to ponder…..

In reality, she does have those moments. Those moments of full out blood curdling screaming that last and last, for no absolute reason. The difficulties of being soothed by us. (That’s the worst one). I still can’t get over the fact that if I lay her down and walk away, she soothes herself in less than a minute. But…if I try to rub her back, rock her, sing to her…it winds her way up. Hubby made mention that it might be the singing…Ha Ha..

Then there is always the challenge of introducing different foods. Fingers in the mouth, refusal to even open her mouth, and the cat-like hacking it out. I am spending at least a half an hour working on just spoonfuls of food, with only minimal amounts reaching the required destination. I use all those great techniques… The pretend eating, the making yummy sounds, the airplane spoon, the sneaking in.. Once again, Hubby had a smart comment for her possible refusal… Ha Ha

But really, what child is so different from this….
What child comes without challenges….
What child is easy to figure out…

My patience, that has been tested and worked on these past seven years waiting, is being put to good use. Things will eventually work themselves out. They always do. Then the next challenge will presents itself. Isn’t that what parenting is all about?

It is so very nice to have a baby in the house after all this time. Even when she wakes every hour with what seems to be little night terrors that I can do nothing about. Even when I stubbed my toe for the tenth time on the exersaucer that is clearly sitting in plain view. Even when I am dragging Nala off the counter for what seems to be the millionth time, because she discovered some yummy left over baby food. Even when I need to wake up before my normal time, if I want to even attempt to get a shower in before the crew starts going.

Dragon has been with us less than a month and at home for just over two weeks…Yet, she fits in perfectly…Like she was always meant to be!


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One week home.

We have been home for a week now and we are started to get into a routine. Key word is starting. I think we are finally over our jet lag. No more waking up at 3 am.

Dragon slept through the night for the first time. From 10 pm till 5 am. Not bad. I will take seven hours of consecutive sleep any day. Her eating is another story. She really isn’t interested at all in food. We have tried carrots, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. She takes one or two spoonfuls and then her hand is in her mouth and or she spits/ screams it out. oh, what fun! I have been doing a lot of laundry lately… Orange is hard to get out.

I have gotten the rest of the crew back in routine. Ms.A is swamped with school work. It’s end of the quarter and the teachers are trying to finish things up. Dance season is just around the corner and costumes are getting measured for and routines are being finished up. Mr.D has started the sparring part of orange belt. He is currently running from his opponent instead of punching and kicking. Very comical for all the parents watching in the waiting area. Very frustrating for Master Paul. I think he might regret inviting Mr.D to this new class.

Nala is gaining the weight back from her stint at daycare. She seems happy to be back home. She has found her new buddy to shadow… It helps that Dragon is always covered with something yummy.



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Our airport adventure!

Today our adventure began.. Neither Hubby, nor I, slept a wink with the threat of a blizzard coming in. We discovered at 5 am that our flight from Cleveland to Detroit was canceled..

Panic set in…

What were we going to do…

We decided to pack up the car and drive to Detroit ahead of the storm and hope to make our connecting flight to Beijing. Nala was quickly organized, feed, and walked. With a drop off at doggie daycare, we got going on the list of things that needed to be done.

Opa came second. He was able to clean out the fridge and pack up Mr.D. While I gave Mr.D a much needed bath and nail trim. A run to the bank and then to the gas station, we were on our way.

Detroit here we come!

It took us a little over three hours and we arrived at the airport in one piece. Then some miscommunication occurred about the cancelation of our flight that almost brought me to tears! It was quickly explained that the first leg of the journey was canceled, not the Beijing flight. Then I was told that such a big plane will have no problems in this storm..

Not quite sure how I feel about that statement, but as long as it is safe I am game.

I then had another break down in security when the TSA agent spoke harshly to me about handing her the identification of the entire family. She wanted each individual to do it. I am once again in tears. Ms. A proceeds to tell them that we are going to China to get her sister. The mood changed entirely and several other security personnel began to congratulate us.

Mind you I am a mess. Totally trying not to lose it. Hubby quickly organizes our things and directs us to a restaurant.



We have six hours until our flight is schedule to take off. Lets hope it does. Right now I going to have a drink and take a few deep breathes.

With only positive thoughts….My next post will be from Beijing!


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