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Pony Tail Palm


I purchased this “Pony Tail” Palm last year. It was meant to go in the sunroom, but the flowing nature of its fronds proved to tempting for Nala. I had to move it into the “Nala Free” living room and hope for the best. It only gets afternoon sun (western exposure) and seems to be doing well. I have moved it into a large pot and I supply it with palm fertilizer ever six months. ( I get my fertilizer from Grandpa who lives in Florida. )

It seem like a relatively easy house plant to care for and I was able to purchase it at our local Home Depot store. I give it water about every two weeks and at that time I peel away any dead fronds.

I always feel that when you purchase a plant, it is already fully grown into its container. If you plan on it thriving, plan on repotting. I have found that you can visual look at the plant greener and if there is more greener in comparison to the size of the container, time to repot. Different types of plants need different containers. Succulents are very shallow rooted and can be successful in a shallow garden dish.


Where as a ficus tree needs some depth.


This is a great example of more greener than container and in need of repotting. However, finding containers locally during the winter months are next to impossible. Mr. Ficus will have to stay cramped until spring. This ficus tree was my first indoor plant and was giving to me as a joke from my husband. It has moved homes with us and now gets seasonal room changes. It is a hardy little tree and it’s only downfall is the shedding of its leaves. I give it water every two weeks and prune any dead branches when needed.

Take a look at you indoor plant, are they in need of any TLC?


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