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Here we go again.


Did I mention that I started to take a ballet class at the age of 40. Yep that’s right! Here is my little partner in crime.

Her little class didn’t go as smoothly as planned. It’s now a “mommy and me class”.

Like I said…I am taking ballet…sans tutu.


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Build her a shelf…she is going to need it!

We did it…. Or should I say…She did it!!

The first weekend of competition is over and she did great. Each competition is run by a different production company, so they all have different ways of grouping (by age, by dance type, and experience). They also have different judging styles, different point scales, and different awards. So you may do fabulous in one competition because of your grouping and the next week do the same identical performance and get horrible results.

This weekend was a great one to start with. It was a bit smaller and Ms.A was considered a “Junior” (petit, junior, teen, senior) in the “competition” (novice, recreation, competition) level. The scoring point system was silver, high silver, gold, high gold, and platinum as awards.

She danced in five routines: a tap solo, a tap trio, a tap quad, a jazz quad, and a large group lyrical. (Yeah, don’t ask me what we were thinking when we said yes to this huge commitment.) This weekend she scored high gold in each of her five routines. The judges then compare points in each dance category and her large group lyrical also received an overall second place. She was so very excited and I was so very relieved.


Next weekend we are headed to Cleveland for a competition that is just for solos, duets, and trios. She will just have two routines to perform and she will be classified in the youngest age category. This could mean that she might have higher results because she won’t be competing against girls that are older than her…or it may not.

What about the rest of the crew? Hubby, Dragon, Mr.D, Opa and Nala are going to have to hold down the fort for the next four weekends. I am sure there will be plenty of runs to the ice cream parlor for “good behavior bribes” and if the weather warms up…some well deserved rounds of golf!

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Break from reality.

I have had a break from the reality of my life. A much needed break, but a poorly timed one.

When posed the question “what are you going to do?” after a major event in your life….


Yes, we still left on our family trip last Thursday and just arrived home today. Mom died last week on Monday night and my Dad gifted me with his blessings to continue on with our family trip to Walt Disney in the following days.

Remember, Ms. A and her dance team qualified for nationals and it happened this past week.


Her team did great. Four of the dance groups made it to the “Grande Finale.” Ms. A and her tap group performed spot on for the first time on the national circuit. They scored a gold. The highest the ever manage so far this season.


We were able to spend the rest of the non dance time at the parks.


She tried on all the hats in the Downtown Disney store.


This was an amazing candy shop. It was unbelievable what they could coat in chocolate.


Mr. D loved Small World! It was his favorite out of all the parks and it soon became a joke between the families we travel with. The kids would ask details about the rides and I would always respond…..”It’s just like Small World, but with—–.”


The kids enjoyed being secret agents in France at Epcot. It was a fun interactive game in the World Showcase of Countries.


Disney Studios was fun. Ms. A and Hubby love the Stars Wars ride! Mr. D opted to sit that one out. However, the whole family gave the new Toy Story ride high ratings. “It’s like Small world, but there is no water and you get to play an interactive carnival game.” (you see how that works, but just imagine the description coming from some slap happy overheated adults)


We had a yummy dinner at Mexico. However, it abruptly ended when Mr. D vomited on the table. Did I ever mention his unbelievable gag reflex….well it almost started a chain reaction. Hubby left a HUGE tip and we promptly exited after profusely apologizing to our waitress.


Sea World was our last day and it was a hot one. The entire week was in the ninties, but at this park you are outside for almost everything. Gramma and Poppy drove up to spend the day at the park with us. We started bright and early when the park opened, but gave out around three in the afternoon. The temps just reached 100.


Of course, their shows were amazing and the aquarium was unbelievable.

We had an great week and we kept ourselves very busy. Now it’s back to reality. Thanks you everyone with your kind words and prayers. My little family feels very loved by all..


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Costume craziness!

I know you all have been on the edge of your seats, wondering how recital went. Dying to see those unbelievable expensive, but not crafted well costume. Yes, eighty bucks a pop for each one and they were still in need of bedazzling, tacking, and adjusting. We are slowly accumulating a large selection of dress up clothes that will never be worn again.

So with big hurrah…. pictures of the costumes Ms. A wore this year for recital.


This pretty red number was for her ballet class. They danced to the music of Sleeping Beauty.


This hot pink outfit was for her jazz class. They danced to the music of King Tut. Not sure how the outfit fit the theme, but it was very sparkly and showed up well on stage.


This was by far the craziest one of the entire recital. It was for her tap class and they danced to “Fireflies”. The head piece lit up. Then at one point during the dance they dimmed the lights and you just saw these floppy strands bouncing around. It was very…..lets say…..creative.

Overall, she had a great dance week and recital weekend. You could tell that she had a great time, because of the huge smile on her face when she performed. Hubby and I were very proud of all her hard work that she put in and of her wonderful performances.

She gets a week off from dance before she starts practice for Nationals in July. Then when she gets back, it starts all over with tryouts for the next year’s team.



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We love trophies!



What a relief! The girls had a successful competition. They nailed their performance!

They got number one ranking for their age group in tap dancing. But wait….it gets better…. they take all the scores of tap, ballet, jazz, and acro dance for that age group and rank them.

Guess what….they got NUMBER ONE overall!!!

Their reactions were priceless. They were not expecting it and they were crazy excited. Us, moms were too.

I am so pleased that the girls ended their local competitions with such success.

Now, off to nationals in July.


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First competition is over!

I took Ms. A out of school early today for her first real dance competition.

Mr. D was lucky to have alternative plans offered to him so that he did not have to attend. I managed to get Mr. D packed for a slumber party with Oma and Opa. His sound machine, special blanket, stuffies, pj’s, movies, and clothes for the next day. I am crossing my fingers that he will behave. Opa plans on taking him out to breakfast. Good luck with that…he is so not a morning kid.

I then packed up Ms. A’s dance gear, cooler, and camping chair in the car. This is routine now. I feel like I know what I am doing. I got the timing down perfectly, the hair done up to dance bun standards, and the lashes glued on without glueing eyes open or shut. Not bad….

We were in our assigned dressing room ready to go…..and then we waited…..waited…..waited some more. I couldn’t believe how bored I was of just waiting. No cell reception and the goldfish crackers were calling out to me. The girls finally get called up and we moms went to find a seat in the auditorium. The song starts and the girls come out. Mind you, last time at the preview show, I was backstage and unable to see the dance, so this was my first time seeing them perform.

I was speechless…they were all over the place. Even though I had never seen the dance in its entirety, I knew they were off. Yes, they were one of the youngest groups, but wow, I was surprised.

What got me afterwards was all the complements they received from their dance teacher and other parents. I couldn’t believe it. You would have thought they just performed the best ever dance the way people talked to them. I am all for praising kids, but only if they really deserve it.

Ms. A meet me in the hall and I asked her how she felt she did. She shrugged and then thought a bit. She then mentioned some things her group could have done better. I then congratulated her on being on stage in front of all those people. We then went back to the dressing room, got out of costume, and went to watch the other dancers.

Four hours later….yes….four hours….the first day of competition was done. They gathered all the girls on stage and started handing out awards. Each performance got rated and the scale was Silver, Gold, High Gold, and Platinum. I was not expecting much. Ms. A and her group scored a Silver. I went back to the dressing room to meet up with her. Curious to see her reaction.

She made me so proud. There was no pouting or crying. She was excited for the high results her fellow competition team members received. She then showed me her Silver medal. I told her what a great first experience and she could only go up from this.

I just sent her to bed. Her face freshly scrubbed. Her gear stashed away for next weekend. Her medal proudly hanging from her closet door.


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She Did It!

We both, yes I said BOTH, made it through our first dance competition showcase.

Ms. A had to be there at 6 and be ready to go at 6:30, with the show starting at 7 sharp. At home, I had her costume laid out with shoes, tights, hair piece, and her cosmetic case. I then packed us a cooler, the clothing rack to hang the costume, and a case of water that I was donating to the concession stand.

My OCD kicked in, so that meant there was a list written and checked off. Direction were written for Hubby with tickets laid out strategical on the kitchen counter so not to be missed. The dog was fed dinner, walked, and placed in her crate for the evening home alone. (soothing music and a chew stick to keep her calm) I also packed a bag of snacks, drinks, and the iPad with headphones for Mr. D.

Yes, we couldn’t find a sitter, so he was coming for the show.

I had been able to put the fake lashes on after a few attempts. I don’t think they would have been so difficult if Ms. A would have stopped flinching…like I was going to poke her eye out. The end results, OK looking lashes, and only one eye lid glued open….Not so funny at the time, but hilarious now.

Her hair was another story. I had her hop in the shower and when she came out I slicked it into a side high pony tail..left side part. (I got it right this time.).  Now she needed it put into a bun. I had been schooled during rehearsal on this topic, but did not have the correct supplies. After a week long search of local pharmacies and beauty supply stores, I found the donut needed to make the dance approved bun.


Even though I had it and was schooled on it, I still couldn’t achieve the correct look. I had her eyes done, so I thought, hell with it. I’ll ask a mom to help me when I get there.

I took a deep breath, looked around at all our stuff, and told Ms. A it was time to go.

We said our goodbyes and jumped into Clifford. The drive was only suppose to be twenty minutes, but since I had never been there, I allotted us thirty. When we just pulled out of the neighborhood, Ms. A asks what we were going to eat for dinner…..Oops

I was so involved in all the prep work, that dinner had completely slipped my mind. Lucky for us there was a McDonald’s on the way. The dinner of champions was scarfed down while driving to the theater.

We arrived just on time, thank goodness I gave us those ten extra driving minutes. I give Hubby his second call of the night to confirm he had the tickets and gave him the directions again. I then see some dancers in the parking lot and tell Ms. A  to be quick so that we could follow them in. We lug all our things in and searched for our assigned room.  I found a good spot to camp out for the evening next to the other dance moms from our group. They advised me to go in the theater to save seats for my family. I told Ms. A to stay put and not to get into anything, I would be right back.   I go back to the car to grab the case of water and start my search for the concession stand. I wander around the maze of a building with a case of water in my hands, looking for the entrance to the theater. Lucky for me, a sympathetic dad offers to carry the water and shows me the way.

I am already sweaty and disgusting and the night has not even started. Ugh.

It’s 6:30 and I found some seats.  I attempt to drap my coat and myself over them to save them.  My least favorite thing to do (I hate warding people off.).  Call number three to Hubby…. telling him that I have saved seats and he has to hurry. In the meantime, Ms. A is in the back without her hair done or costume on, waiting for me.  Standing and craning my neck, looking for my family, they finally showed up.  I give my mandatory hello kisses and I dashed backstage.

All the other kids are ready to go, Ms. A is anxiously waiting for me, (I wonder where she gets this behavior trait from?) so I got to work. A fellow mom lent a hand and made the bun, while I got her in costume. It all worked out and she was ready to go, but I felt like throwing up.

I took a deep breath.

I had planned on staying back stage for this first show. That news quickly spreads and I was given charge of the girls and the room. The other moms gave me a rundown of costume changes, hairdos, and disappeared.

I stopped, took another deep breath, and looked around. Are you kidding me….they left me, the “first timer” in charge. It’s a joke right….wrong…..I was in charge.

The room I was in, was only for the younger dancers of 8-12 years in age. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or bad. There was a mom who was in charge of calling the girls up to the stage and lining them up. My only responsibility was to maintain order of thirty some dancers.

I managed…..I managed the costume changes, the hair, the makeup, the band aids dispensed, the spills cleaned, the bathroom breaks, the costume repairs, and jitters calmed.

I managed.

When it all was over, I was told Ms. A did a great job. I was in the back and didn’t even see her. I’ll have to watch the video.

We made it through the first one. Ms. A know what to expect. I know how to make a perfect bun, put on fake lashes, do quick costume changes, and I earned some serious street credit from the other dance moms.

Who knew?



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