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Let’s add to the chaos!

It seems like when things start to get into a routine. When things start working smoothly. When we are finally finding our pace…we like to mix it back up!

Introducing our newest member of the Green Thumb Clan…Felix.


A little kitten that has been a whole heap of trouble. Mr.D picked him out. A total surprise to the entire family when I said “yes” to the request. Once again, it was my attempt to ward off any reptiles entering our household.

Felix was so small and so lethargic. Rescued, weighing just over one pound, the vet asked if we really wanted to try because it looked so bleak. That was a question that had an easy answer.

So this little bundle was quickly loved on by all the members of the family. After months of medication and tender care, he is doing great. A whole six pounds, he is an eating machine.


We have had some bumps with this new little guy. Especially the huge incident of peeing on my favorite chair and Nala’s bed. Current, he is allowed selective freedom with high levels of supervision…no further incidents have occurred…Knock on wood!

What about Nala you ask?

Umm…. She is big, he is small…much like the rabbits she enjoys catching. Felix, however, doesn’t realize that and attempts to stalk and pounce on her whenever he gets a chance. Like I said….close supervision is currently needed. Nala is not amused!



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Dragon’s big red shadow.

It is unbelievable how a little baby can change so many things in a household. May it be the already busy schedules, the increase of large musical plastic toys in the family room, or the behaviors of the family members. The one thing in particular that just amazes me with all the transformation happening within our family….the difference in our dog.

Nala, our well documented crazy Rhodesian Ridgeback, is just over two years old. We felt that when she turned two she seemed to calm just a bit and become the beginning of the good dog we were hoping for. Mind you, she is no reformed dog, but there is something special going on before our very eyes.

First off, Nala is a known counter surfer, food swiper, and toy destroyer. When the older kids are playing, rough housing, and screaming with all their might, Nala can get a tad out of hand. We then need to reign her in and on most occasions this leads to her being put in a doggie time out. When the kids have friends inside the house, it’s like she has to let everyone know of their movements. She is constantly barking and on occasion frightening them. So, back in doggie time out she goes again. Outside in the yard she is better, unless they are in the pool. Nala then thinks they are in some sort of danger and tries to block them from the water or even hold them back. All I can say is that we have a lot of bathing suits with holes in them and Nala has been official banned from pool side.

When Dragon came home, we were very cautious. We kept things calm and made a point of always picking toys up to prevent any destruction. We also tried keeping them separated if no one was in arm length of either one of them.

But…. Like opposite magnets, they alway find each other.




Like I said before…I am witnessing something amazing. I hope that Dragon grows to love her “big red shadow” as much as her “shadow” loves her!


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Happy Birthday Nala!

Happy birthday Nala. You are two years old today and you know what that means. You are no longer a puppy. No more excuse for jumping on visitors, knocking over little people, counter surfing, chewing on my beloved plants, destroying stuffies that were not picked up, and all that other stuff you do.


You have been the thorn in my side since Hubby decided to get you. I don’t do puppies I told him. I love rescuing older dogs. You know what you are dealing with when getting an older dog, but an exception was made for you.

You have used my clean floors as your personal potty way to many times, stolen to many dinners off the counters, dragged me through the neighborhood chasing squirrels, and failed both sessions of obedience training. I have been at my whits end on more than one occasion with you. I even will admit that I threatened the family with your return to the breeder, if they did not step up and help with you.


However, today you have turned two. The magic number for dogs to become good. You are starting to show this “good” dog trait. We can leave you out at night to sleep, no more crating. I no longer fear for my belongings when we leave you alone for a few minutes. You haven’t had an accident in the house for quite some time. You now ring a bell to let us know when you need to go. You actual sit when we ask you to. You respond to your name. What a relief! You play so well with the children. You let us know when people arrive and calm down quickly after greeting them.


I have to admit you are becoming a good girl. I enjoy hearing your clickity clack nails following me wherever I go. I like how you listen so intently to the stories I tell you, even if it’s because I am holding your food dish.

Nala you are good company and you make us feel safe.

Happy Birthday to our favorite Rhodesian Ridgeback. May we celebrate many more years to come.



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Oh, Nala……

What am I to do….Nala is a bit wild and crazy lately.

I can’t let her run out back because she keeps reopening wounds on her legs.   The boots we purchased  take three of us to put on.  So instead, she is sequestered to the gated porch.  The kitchen window over looks the side of this porch and Nala has discovered this.  It was funny at first when she would jump up on all fours to look at me doing dishes, but like everything else she does, it got out of hand.

Yes, that’s the screen that I will be replacing when it starts to get buggy.

So, I said to Hubby if you get a chance could you trim her nails.  Well, we had a busy weekend and it didn’t get done.  I confess that I can’t do this task.  It’s really, one of the only things I won’t do.  I can do everything else, but I am so afraid to hit her quik, that I refuse to cut her nails….  Off to Pet Smart we go.  I call ahead to make an appointment and was told that there was no need, I could walk right in.  Great I thought.

I had a few errands to run this afternoon, so Nala hops into the back of Clifford……

What, don’t you have a name for your car? Mine is big and red, hence the name Clifford.

Dressed in her “going out on the town” harness  (otherwise I would be ice skating behind her) we head out for the “non” appointment.  I don’t recall taking her in a store before, so there were a lot of first and I of course had no treats on hand.  She started of with being startled by the automatic doors and then we had to walk across some super shiny floors that had no traction.

Why would a pet store put such a slippery finish on their floor? We could not have been the first people/dog to have an issue with this.

We manage to scuttle across the floor to the grooming department. Inside, I stop at the desk to fill out some paperwork while Nala proceeds to climb on the desk to get attention from the groomer.  The groomers all fuss over her and tell her she is sooooooo pretty.  I have a good feeling about this.  I then mention her sensitive paws.  Being the professionals that they are, the said not to worry they do this all the time.

I should have known better.  Nothing is easy for any member of the Green Thumb Family.

Nala was a pain about getting on the table.  I mention that she is very food motivated.  They inform me they do not pass out treat.  That sounds like a pretty bad policy to me, but I just continue watching.  The groomer gets her on the table and starts cooing to her, to try to calm her down.  She is so nervous that the entire table is rattling.

Fast forward five minutes……Nala has two groomers holding/restraining her and one attempting to trim her nails.  I interrupt this circus and tell them to stop.

Nala has an appointment next week.  All they are going to do is have her sit on the table and give her treats.  REALLY?

The results……..I didn’t have to pay for a failed nail trimming, Nala is now scared of the groomers, and her clickty clack self is now tethered to the basketball hop enjoying her dinner from a treat  stick.

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