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Dragon’s first Vacation!


Her first bike ride…She loved it, but we couldn’t get a helmet to fit her properly.


At the beach… She didn’t care for the sand, so she hung out in the cabana.


Lots of stroller-ing around town….I made a great purchase of a clip on fan, it made all the difference in keeping our sweaty girl cool.


She just loved wearing her new glasses and baseball cap. We kept her well lathered and not one bit of sunburn for her!


First time in the pool float (Target purchase) and it went well. Loved the canopy for the shade.


Visited the playground in Harbor Town while mommy shopped and Mr.D played pirate.


I think she had a ton of great first experiences. May our Dragon have a lifetime filled with many more!



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12 hour road trip

We did it. A twelve hour road trip as a family of five.




We jammed everything we could possibly want into Clifford (yukon xl), attached a bike hitch to carry three bikes and a tag-a-long for Mr.D, and a roof carrier for the golf clubs/porta crib/beach chairs. Mr.D had a binder full of movies and his thumb to suck on. Mr.A was packed into the third row with her Nook, the cooler, and snack bin. Not to bad of a place to be. Dragon had a constant supply of snacks and a bag of toys to explore.

What about Nala you ask, well she had a 16 day reservation at Doggie Daycare!

We had a great time soaking up some sun, playing in the sand, jumping the waves, and attempting to relax.

Our destination… Hilton Head Island!




Not bad! Not bad at all!

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Break from reality.

I have had a break from the reality of my life. A much needed break, but a poorly timed one.

When posed the question “what are you going to do?” after a major event in your life….


Yes, we still left on our family trip last Thursday and just arrived home today. Mom died last week on Monday night and my Dad gifted me with his blessings to continue on with our family trip to Walt Disney in the following days.

Remember, Ms. A and her dance team qualified for nationals and it happened this past week.


Her team did great. Four of the dance groups made it to the “Grande Finale.” Ms. A and her tap group performed spot on for the first time on the national circuit. They scored a gold. The highest the ever manage so far this season.


We were able to spend the rest of the non dance time at the parks.


She tried on all the hats in the Downtown Disney store.


This was an amazing candy shop. It was unbelievable what they could coat in chocolate.


Mr. D loved Small World! It was his favorite out of all the parks and it soon became a joke between the families we travel with. The kids would ask details about the rides and I would always respond…..”It’s just like Small World, but with—–.”


The kids enjoyed being secret agents in France at Epcot. It was a fun interactive game in the World Showcase of Countries.


Disney Studios was fun. Ms. A and Hubby love the Stars Wars ride! Mr. D opted to sit that one out. However, the whole family gave the new Toy Story ride high ratings. “It’s like Small world, but there is no water and you get to play an interactive carnival game.” (you see how that works, but just imagine the description coming from some slap happy overheated adults)


We had a yummy dinner at Mexico. However, it abruptly ended when Mr. D vomited on the table. Did I ever mention his unbelievable gag reflex….well it almost started a chain reaction. Hubby left a HUGE tip and we promptly exited after profusely apologizing to our waitress.


Sea World was our last day and it was a hot one. The entire week was in the ninties, but at this park you are outside for almost everything. Gramma and Poppy drove up to spend the day at the park with us. We started bright and early when the park opened, but gave out around three in the afternoon. The temps just reached 100.


Of course, their shows were amazing and the aquarium was unbelievable.

We had an great week and we kept ourselves very busy. Now it’s back to reality. Thanks you everyone with your kind words and prayers. My little family feels very loved by all..


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Getting travel ready!

Hubby and I were lucky to have a sitter last night. Oh, a romantic date night you think…nope, not for us. We took the opportunity, without the children, to go shopping for some things for our upcoming trips.

This year is the year of travel for us; a non traveling type of family. We will be going to Florida, Walt Disney World, for Ms. A dance competition this coming month. Who in their right mind would go to Florida in the summer and visit a crowed park. Yeah…not our ideal time frame, but we are trying to make the best of it. We then will be traveling to China and be united with our daughter. This will also be a tropical climate, but at least it will be in the Fall. Lastly, we will be attending and participating in a wedding in November in the Florida Keys. This will be the first vacation for our new family of FIVE!

I can’t believe all the traveling adventures we will have in just a few short months!

Now, a little background info…. I am just a tad bit of an anxious traveler. Hubby has a handful to deal with me and the kids. I think of all the possible disasters and get worked up about them. I am the person who listens to the flight attendant. I check for the emergency exits and always keep my seatbelt on. Yeah, that’s me.

Before we even leave, I always make my list and check it twice… and then check it again. I do all the laundry, so I can choose from all the clothes, to pack for the all the members of the family. I then have to clean the house before we leave. ( heaven forbid someone break in our house and think I am a lousy housekeeper) I pack for the dog and her kennel stay. I get someone to check on the other critters left behind, pick up the mail, and water the plants. I make sure we have all the electronics and chargers, spending money from the bank, snacks for the road, and everyone’s comfort item.

And you wonder why I stress out about traveling….

With my list started, I see that there were a few things that need to be purchased. First off, some new lightweight suitcases. I did a little research and there is a huge differences in suitcases. Sizes, weight, wheels, and price. We settled on these two Delsey Air Flite. They are very light, so I hope that this will help us keep our forty pound weight limit for China.


We also did some shopping for some very light weight clothing to help us deal with the heat and sun.



The shirts have UV protection and are vented along the side and back panels. The have the feel of something silky. The maker is Adidas and its their performance series. I am going to have Mr. D wear them this week to try them out. I don’t want him to have a melt down on vacation because something doesn’t feel right. We also picked up some hats. Of course, Mr. D insisted on a fishing hat. I also purchased some light weight ball caps meant for runners. I plan on putting the children in the most obnoxious colors in order to be able to spot them in a crowd.

Ms. A got some cute halter tops and tank tops. We had a challenge finding shorts that where a decent length. Finding clothing for her age group is becoming so difficult. The clothes seem to be very adult like and risky. It took me three different stores to find shorts that were mid thigh length. I swear everything was Daisy Duke style.

So with the suitcases picked out. Clothing found, purchased, and washed. Reservations made at the kennel for Nala. I can cross three things off the ever growing list.

I need a vacation!


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New York Gardens

The family went on a vacation to NY City and saw many wonderful things. I am just going to do a quick post about roof top gardens. Just from our hotel room these are the ones we could see.



I can’t imagine the little treasures tucked in all over the city.


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